1. One-on-one Coaching

Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype Coaching

I deal with most personal and business/career changes you want to make in your life.   Specific focus areas are:


·   Career success / change career

·   Develop self esteem, confidence and assertiveness

·   Start your own business /  grow your business

·   Personal growth and self mastery (mastery of thoughts, emotions and behaviour)

·   Managing stress, anxiety and burnout /  dealing with depression

·   Setting and achieving your vision and goals / peak performance

·   Relationships

·   Life challenges / life transitions / dealing with traumatic life events, grief and loss

·   Changing behaviours/habits

·   Self understanding and self exploration / increase your self-awareness

·   Leadership skills

·   Letting go and moving on

·   Managing emotions / emotional intelligence  

·   Full life skills programme – 12 one hour sessions. 

Email me at penny.holburn@live.co.za for more information or send me a request via my contact page.


2. Online Coaching Courses with Email Coaching

All of the online courses material is available to you permanently.  You can do the courses over and over again in your own time, each time getting more out of the course.

You have unlimited email coaching available to you around the course material for the duration of the course.

If you want more information on the courses just send me an email to  penny.holburn@live.co.za


"These are the best short courses I have ever done.  What I loved about them is the materials are easy to read and understand." ~ Jerusha, Financial Manger.
"I so love doing your courses.  As usual I have learned so much and enjoyed this." ~ Kelly, IT Manager


1.   Building Your Confidence   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person

This course is designed to help you build confidence in a variety of situations 

In the course you will learn to:
1.    Think, talk, feel and act like a confident person
2.    Manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you act more confident
3.    Manage any anxiety that shows up when you need to be confident
4.    Learn how to construct steps to make it easier to face and master difficult situations
5.    Learn a process to be confident in most situations
6.    Engineer confidence building situations for yourself
7.    Reframe destructive thinking
8.    Monitor and reward your progress
9.    Deal with setbacks and difficulties constructively

You can start the course at any time. Cost R375 per person for the 4 week course  Read more about the course:  http://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/Buildconfidencecourse-2.pdf.    


2.   Finding your Life Purpose   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person


  • Do you want to find out your life purpose?
  • Are you in a job you hate and know you need to move but have no idea what career would suit you?
  • Do you want to understand more about your strengths, talents, interests and values?
  • Do you want to find out what is blocking you from knowing your life purpose?
  • Do you want to increase your level of self-awareness and self-knowledge?
  • Do you want to know what action you can take to start living your life purpose?

In this 4 week online course we go through the process of getting you to understand your purpose.  We move from why you dont know your purpose, to understanding more about yourself, to clarifying your purpose.  We also look at how you can move from where you are to where you want to be - living your purpose. You can start the course at any time. Cost R375 per person for the 4 week course. Read more about the coursehttp://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/Lifepurposecourse.pdf


3.   Communication Skills   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person


  • Learn Basic and Advanced Listening and Self-expression techniques
  • Understand your and others communication patterns
  • Understand how your values and beliefs influence communication
  • Learn to stop making assumptions
  • Understand how to manage conflict effectively
  • Learn to deal with difficult people - hostile, complaining, passive-aggressive etc. people
  • Get lots of practice in improving your communication and getting the results you want.

In this 4 week online course we proceed from understanding your own communication patterns and how they formed, to learning some advanced communication skills to deal with almost any communication situation you will face. With repeated practice of the methods you will become a highly skilled communicator. You can start the course at any time. Cost R375 per person for the 4 week course. Read More: http://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/Communicationskillscourse-2.pdf

4.    Self-Esteem and Confidence   8 Week online course.  ZAR 700.00 per person  

In this course learn how to:


  • Create and maintain a positive self-image
  • Stand up and speak up for yourself in all kinds of situations
  • Get the respect of others
  • Take better care of yourself
  • Set and get others to respect your personal boundaries
  • Really like yourself
  • Be authentic and real
  • Take charge of your life
  • Stop putting everyone else first
  • Feel more competent to life
  • Be kind without being self-sacrificing
  • Assertively and respectfully handle difficult and challenging people and situations
  • And much more

    In this 8 week online course we go through understanding what self-esteem is to building it.  We work through aspects such as self-image, self-care, self-talk, assertiveness, setting personal boundaries, self-respect, self-acceptance, self-efficacy living authentically and living purposefully. You can start the course at any time. Cost R700 per person for the 8 week course. Read more   http://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/selfesteemcourse-2.pdf

     5.    Setting and Achieving your Goals    6 Week online course.  ZAR 550.00 per person  

     In this course learn how to:
  • Build a habit of successfully setting and achieving goals
  • Know how to write down goals such that is it much easier to achieve them

  • Understand the psychology and neurology behind goal achievement

  • Learn how to motivate yourself when your motivation is flagging

  • Understand the role of your thoughts and feelings in achieving goals and know how to change them to work for you

  • Deal with fears, excuses and doubts that stop you from achieving your goals

  • Know what to do to get moving again when you feel stuck

  • Understand how your values influence motivation and how anti-values contribute to self-sabotage

  • Understand how to ask the right questions to move you forward

  • Overcome procrastination

  • And more..........

This online course contains the same material that a three-day workshop or 8 coaching session programme would contain.  And as it is online you can do it in your own time in your own place.  With email access for any questions, queries, review of work, etc.  Anyone from the age of 13 can do the course.  The course is written in such a way that you will learn the right habits to carry on setting and achieving goals throughout your life.  You just need to follow the process.  The course applies for any area of life in which you want to set goals - career, relationships, business, finances, health, social life, etc.   You can start the course at any time.  The cost is R550 per person for the 6 week course plus all support.
Read more about the course

 6.    Becoming Assertive   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person  

In this course you will learn the difference between being passive, aggressive, assertive, and passive aggressive.  You will learn assertiveness skills and be given lots of opportunity to practice being assertive. 
  • When you do this course you will learn:

·         Tools to think more assertively
·         Tools to behave more assertively
·         How to say “no” in a nice way
·         How to stand up and speak up for yourself
·         How to stop apologising when you don’t need to
·         How to have less stress through being assertive
·         How to be less aggressive through learning to be more assertive
·         How to complain effectively
·         How to give and accept compliments
·         How to start, continue, and end conversations easily
·         How to deal with demands made on you
·         How to receive criticism
·         And more………………..

To read more about the course:  


 7.    Get hired for the job you want   4 module online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person

This course covers everything you need to know about finding the job you want.

In this course you will learn to:

·         Understand your strengths and talents
·         Write your personal brand statement and use it in your CV, interviews and networking
·         Challenge and overcome negative limiting beliefs you have around the job hunt
·         Develop the skills and behaviours needed for the job hunt
·         Write a great CV step by step; examples of excellent CV's are included
·         Write a great cover letter; examples of excellent cover letters are included
·         Put yourself out there and get noticed by prospective employers
·         Find vacancies
·         Network to build your contacts
·         Try out various tried and trusted as well as some new innovative methods for getting hired
·         Use Social Media to get noticed by prospective employers
·         Interview like a pro
·         Have a positive mind frame before and during the interview
·         Prepare many questions and answers for the interview that you are likely to be asked
·         Prepare for questions such as:  "Why should we hire you over all the other applicants?"  
·         Deal with things that can go wrong in the interview
·         Practice a visualisation exercise for succeeding in interviews
·         Pick the right questions to ask interviewers
·         Negotiate your salary/package
·         Plan do’s and don’t’s for your first day, week and month in the new job

Feeback is that many people have had success in getting the jobs they want through using the knowledge gained from this course.   Read more    

 8.    Transform your Life   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person  

This course teaches you 30 techniques to have more success, happiness, and inner peace in your life.

In this course you will learn to:

·         Overcome setbacks
·         Stop being a victim
·         Attract the circumstances you want
·         Manage your emotions
·         Be proactive and take responsibility for your life
·         Understand some of the ways you self-sabotage yourself
·         Live more in the present (the now)
·         Change negative feelings into more positive ones
·         Take charge of your life
·         Be empowered
·         Stop letting fear run your life
·         Use techniques from peak performance psychology
·         ..... and more

To read more about the course:  http://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/Tranformyourlife.pdf

 9.    Personal Financial Management   4 Week online course.  ZAR 375.00 per person  

This course is designed to help you get control of your finances and build good money management habits.

During the course you will learn to:

·         Understand your spending; manage your expenses
·         Learn how to cut down on your spending
·         Understand your sources of income
·         Learn how to increase your income
·         Review your debt
·         Learn how to pay back your debt; learn ways to pay back debt faster
·         Understand your negative money beliefs and habits; learn new and better money beliefs and habits
·         Learn about savings and investments
·         Learn how to set and work a plan to meet your personal financial goals

Read more about the course;  http://www.lifecoachingbusiness.co.za/newsletters/PersFinancialMgmtcourse-2.pdf

For more information on any products or services, to register or to purchase please contact me on my email address penny.holburn@live.co.za; or through my contact page on this website.  


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