About Coaching

What is Personal Life or Business Coaching?
Personal Life or Business Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. A coach provides clients with proven tools and skills to enable them to realise their goals and dreams. A coach provides a supportive, caring and challenging environment where the focus is totally on the client and what is best for him or her.
A coach listens to you without judgement and focuses on assisting you to achieve your goals and dreams. A coach is there to help you through setbacks and celebrate victories. A coach sees the greatness within you and is as committed as you are, and usually even more so, to helping you realise all that you can be.

A coach helps you to understand what holds you back and enables you to push past your self-imposed limitations. A coach works with you to banish the fears that get in the way. A coach keeps you focused on your goals when everyday life hassles threaten to take your focus off your end results.

The Benefits of a Personal Coach: Business or Life Coach
  • Ability to apply skills and techniques that have worked for others and will work for you
  • More confidence and self belief
  • Understanding and removing limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back
  • The development of new empowering beliefs and behaviours
  • Clarity around what you want in life
  • Understanding and managing the source of recurring problems and obstacles in your life
  • Better financial health
  • Better relationships: at work, at home, with friends, with family
  • A happier more fulfilled life
  • Understanding the fast track to goal achievement
  • Greater career satisfaction and success
  • Improved life skills in general for all areas of your life
  • Increased capacity for making positive change in your life
  • Enhanced decision making skills and techniques
  • Increased productivity, better time management
  • Development of your own personal success formula for life
  • The ability to self-coach
What can you expect from your business or life coach?
  • Total focus on you, the client, and your goals and dreams
  • A safe place to grow and develop and not be criticised and judged
  • Someone who keeps you focused on your goals
  • Someone who accepts and respects you
  • Someone who really understands and 'gets' you
  • Someone who truly listens to you without judgment
  • Someone who believes in you and your dreams and ambitions
  • Someone who challenges you when you talk yourself down and encourages you not to accept second best
  • Someone who enables you to come to a much deeper understanding of yourself
  • Someone who helps you accelerate your personal development
  • Adherence to a code of ethics
  • Complete confidentiality
What is required from the client for coaching to be successful?
  • Regular attendance at coaching sessions
  • Daily practice of skills and use of tools
  • Commitment to the process and to taking action
  • Willingness to make changes and grow
"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning" ~ Ivy Baker Priest

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