Products and Services

1. One-on-one Coaching; Workshops & Talks

Face-to-face, Telephone, Skype, WhatsApp Coaching

I deal with most personal and business/career changes you want to make in your life. Specific focus areas are:

  • Career success / change career
  • Develop self esteem, confidence and assertiveness
  • Start your own business / grow your business
  • Personal growth and self mastery (mastery of thoughts, emotions and behaviour)
  • Managing stress, anxiety and burnout / dealing with depression
  • Setting and achieving your vision and goals / peak performance
  • Relationships
  • Life challenges / life transitions / dealing with traumatic life events, grief and loss
  • Changing behaviours/habits
  • Self understanding and self exploration / increase your self-awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Letting go and moving on
  • Managing emotions / emotional intelligence

2. Self-Coaching Courses (workbooks) with unlimited Personal One-on-one Email Coaching while doing the course

All the course material is available in a self-coaching workbook which is emailed to you Once you sign up for the course you get all the material which is yours to keep. You can do the courses over and over again in your own time, each time getting more out of the course.

You have unlimited personal one-on-one email coaching available to you around the course material while you are doing the course.

You can start the courses at any time.


"These are the best short courses I have ever done. What I loved about them is the materials are easy to read and understand."
~ Jerusha, Financial Manger.

"I so love doing your courses. As usual I have learned so much and enjoyed this."
~ Kelly, IT Manager

1. Building Your Confidence R 400.00 per person

2. Finding your Life Purpose R 400.00 per person

3. Communication Skills  R 400.00 per person

4. Self-Esteem and Confidence R 400.00 per person

5. Setting & Achieving your Goals R 600.00 per person

6. Becoming Assertive R 400.00 per person

7. Get hired for the job you want R 400.00 per person

8. Transform your Life R 400.00 per person

9. Personal Financial Management R 400.00 per person


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