Katherine, Publisher

Dear Penny
I hope you are well. I just wanted to check in with you. Our team had our annual year-end session last week and the whole team mentioned your coaching as one of our highlights of 2021. We are continuing to work on the learnings you gave us, have new customers signed up, and launched our new website.
Thanks again for your invaluable coaching and support. May your festive season be blessed!

Heather, Accountant

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to come to you for life skills coaching. It has truly benefited me on my journey through this life. Thank you so much. You are so great at what you are doing, it's a privilege to have you met you.

Janet, Attorney

I hope you are doing well. I had some sessions with you about 7 years ago, something I am very grateful for. I just wanted to let you know that I truly found my sessions with you helpful and that I still employ the tools and ideas I learned with you. Thank you for that! Keep well.

Michelle, Investment Banker

Dear Penny,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU. I have realized how far you have helped me come in understanding, unpacking and leveraging the lessons that I have learnt over the past years. I am so grateful for your wisdom, insight and guidance in my career journey.
I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions because you are very easy person to talk to and open up to.

Jeanette, Business Owner

Hi Penny!
I want to first thank you for all your help. You have been a wonderful coach to me and I have achieved my goals through your guidance. Since we last met I have opened up a successful business, which has given me an opportunity to understand my worth and what I am capable of. These are very exciting times for all of us.

Sandra, Marketing Manager

Dear Penny, thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout my coaching. You have been absolutely amazing. It has been such a rewarding and enlightening experience and for that I am truly grateful. I do hope we will get a chance to work together some more in the future.

Jonathan, Entrepreneur

Penny, my new business is growing more and more every day and I would like to thank you for the direction. I refer many people who are struggling with their business or want to start a business to you. You have no idea of the difference you have made in my life and career.

Puleng, Consultant

Dear Penny, I would like to take this moment to give thanks to you for the coaching you gave me last year. Since then I got promoted and the salary improved significantly. I was shocked when I received my letter. I am now able to focus on my studies. I wanted a decent place to stay and I qualified for a bond and now have moved into my house. Thank you again you helped me change my mind set and it works. After moving to the new house I was approached by one of the biggest employment agencies for career opportunities, I believe something better is coming.

Kate, Manager

I have worked with scores of executive coaches and Penny is by far the most effective, professional, reliable and insightful.

Johan, Financial Consultant

Having Penny as my life and business coach has turned out to be a unique advantage. She is a bright and gifted coach who is seasoned and professional. It was great initially to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. As an A-type personality suffering from anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed in high stress environments, some of my less noble idiosyncratic quirks include escapism and self sabotage. Penny has helped me with strategies to deal with these tendencies and create more healthy habits that lean more towards being productive and functioning optimally. Some of these strategies included understanding my values, intrinsic motivation and my "Why". Some of the more practical strategies were around prioritizing my time, managing time spent online and engaging with social media and other digital distractions.
Her guidance with regard to emotional state management has proved especially useful, as my work involves a client facing role in sales. She is skillful at shaping one's perspective and creating a positive, "can do" attitude. She has also helped me to respect myself more and to banish some of my limiting beliefs - such as (that) "I don't deserve success".

Heather Financial Manager

Just a short note to say thank you for your wonderful inspiration and motivation during the Life-Coaching that I attended.It became…. MY YEAR! I have bought another property as an investment towards my retirement plan and am starting a new job at double and a half my current remuneration package. You were so inspiring! Once again- Thank you so much.

Programme Participant

General Online Course Comments

Finding your life purpose:
Hi Penny, This course was immensely useful. Thank you for devoting your life for the growth of others such as myself. I was able to get a glaringly clear picture of my life purpose on my first go at this 4 week program. I will refer everyone I know to you for a similar exercise. Once again, thank you. Wish you abundance and well-being! Vincent

Karen: Attorney

I required a practical, hands-on approach in order to effect change, to subsequently deal with the change, and to manage anxiety and stress. Coaching has provided me with such an approach. Penny is wonderful – she is extremely competent, approachable, easy to talk to, and if you don’t believe in yourself, she will do it for you! Penny has armed me with crucial information and skills that will assist me in this new chapter of my life. Thank you!

Hannes: Media Production

Thank you so much for today's workshop - it was fantastic!!! There was so much valuable information and I am going to go through the notes slowly, to digest and start actioning... in baby steps. I am rather excited, to be going on this sales adventure. It is empowering to know that I can do this.

Workshop feedback from delegates

General workshop comments:
• Thank you. It was a morning well spent.
• I liked that I could be myself throughout the workshop and liked the interaction which I enjoy.
• I loved the positive energy
• I liked the practical examples
• I really enjoyed the workshop and will recommend this to others
• I liked the open and informal nature of the workshop and the discussion.
• A good take-home course pack.
• Valuable workshop thank you
• Valuable investment
• All the content was relevant
• Good hints and tips on how to do things
• Liked the interactions and input from the rest of the group
• Thank you for another great seminar
• I found it very valuable and the content practical
• Loved the involvement of everyone there and the real life examples
• Liked the interaction and positive atmosphere
• Thank you once again for a brilliant, informative, friendly and interactive workshop. Your workshops are great!

Rachel, Consultant

Thank you so much for your great workshop. It was so much more than I expected. There were three things I really enjoyed: 1) Your presence in the room and the delivery of the material - I found it inspiring. 2) The way you "tuned-in" to what I was asking for and responding fully. 3) The content in the workbook. I am already working on this material in my weekly "me-time". Thank you for making it affordable. I am looking forward to future workshops and seminars.

Anneline: Senior Manager

Dear Penny. Thank you so much for your workshop. I feel so enlightened and much happier and I am definitely working on changing. I will be attending more of the seminars and workshops. You are changing people's lives dramatically. I hope you know that, and it is appreciated. I find this exciting and I am thoroughly enjoying the process of working through my book.

Pat. Account Manager

Coaching has taught me so much about myself and what I want from life. I have achieved the goals I set for myself and am now ready to take on more goals. I have learned to be assertive and stand up for my values. I have learned how to be the person I want to be and not to have to keep saying "I wish I was like this". You absolutely want to have Penny as your coach. A trust relationship is built up quickly and she makes it all about you. She never leads you into anything, she makes you think about things, and leaves you to draw your own conclusions. Penny has helped me grow in such a short space of time. She has helped me with my confidence and I am now facing a massive challenge which I am not scared of taking on. Penny has helped me see that I am a strong person who can do what I put my mind to. I am ready for the next chapter of my life. I have learned to live wiith integrity and be positive about things. Gone is the self doubt and guilt. I am a stronger person because of coaching and believe in myself. If I ever need any guidance in the future, Penny will be my go-to person.


Coaching has made a big difference. I feel more confident. I am clearer on my goals and it has given me a renewed focus. I have greater self-awareness and assertiveness through coaching. I was able to get myself through a very stressful period, and ultimately find myself a more suited position within my company. I couldn’t think of anyone better to embark on a journey of discovery with. Penny matches your pace (does not force you into a different direction), comes with no hidden agenda’, sees the potential in you and guides you toward your outcomes so effectively. I learned to establish my strengths and limitations. Through the process I Iearned to help myself in setting and achieving the objectives I set for myself. Penny has been such an integral part of my journey, I am so grateful for her support and guidance. I wouldn’t have done it without her!

Kate: IT Manager

I can't tell you how much your course has helped me and made me see things in a new light. I am still working with the learnings and am a work in progress. But now I know what I am aiming for. Thank you so much. In a short space of time I have made such progress.

Andy, Lawyer

Thank you so much for everything. The coaching sessions have really helped me a lot. I feel more and more confident everyday. I am feeling energized and like a new person. I am more focused and achieving my goals that I thought I would never do. Thank you for being such a great coach.


I wanted coaching because I was not being successful in my interviews. After just one coaching session I have made it through all my interviews and got the job I want. Thank you very much for your assistance!

Colin: MD

While being coached by you I was able to make so many changes in life and achieve so many of my goals. I was more focused and even my colleagues commented on how much more focused I was at work. They want to sign up for coaching. I have much more balance in my life now.

Pam: Sales

Meeting you and having coaching with you has been such a blessing in my life. Things have turned out so much better. My work and finance situation are on the up. I feel so much better and more positive and my life has improved so much.

Kerchni, Auditor

Coming to you for coaching was one of my better decisions of the past ten years. Coaching gave me renewed confidence. It made me realise how many things are great about me and validated my wanting a better life. Coaching is something that can allow you to direct your life so that your goals are attained and you feel “on top of the world” if you are honest with what you want to achieve and are prepared to put in the effort as well. You get as good as you give. It’s a safe place to recognise your problems and to find solutions to conquering these. It was truly an uplifting experience. Penny was always cheerful, patient and empathetic. I looked forward to each session as it always filled me with hope and a can do attitude. Penny gave me a chance to express myself without judgement. She was willing to be there for me at other times when I had queries/concerns. I experienced validation, kindness, understanding, encouragement and support. I will make my goals a reality as I realise I deserve such happiness. Thanks Penny.

Sue. Architect

Dear Penny, before the coaching sessions I felt directionless and generally uninspired by my situation in life. I struggled to identify what I wanted and had no idea how to go about achieving the goals I did set for myself. With your help I have made significant breakthroughs in both the career and health aspects of my life. I managed to consciously alter my career path to better suit my strengths, find the strength to quit the job I was unhappy in and gain the confidence to recognize and embrace a new career opportunity. I also managed to turn my health around after an extended illness and am feeling generally healthier and fitter than I have in years. All these changes have been achieved in less than 3 months and I have never felt in better control of my life. I want to thank you again for being such a pivotal part of this journey and really believe that it was your direction and support that made it all possible! Kind regards.

Kathleen. Senior Manager

Penny has the ability to not only connect with and understand people on a very deep level, but to articulate their emotions and events that are happening in their lives back to them in such a way that she leaves you feeling understood, validated, completely energized and totally in control of your life. Penny guides you on a path of empowering yourself emotionally, and teaches you how to recognize your own inner strength and coping mechanisms in order to deal with negative situations, and to take positive steps in your life in order to achieve success.

Lee. Divisional Head

Penny is a very approachable person who conducts herself in a very professional and open way that makes the coaching sessions with her very relaxed but very interesting and thought-provoking. Also, you feel that you are dealing with someone who knows what she is talking about. The whole coaching experience was fantastic. It opened my mind to how to get what I want in life. I would recommend her as a coach to friends and colleagues.

Herman, Senior Manager

Penny treats all people with respect and values the input of all stakeholders. She is open and honest in all her dealings and operates with a high level of integrity. She understands your needs very quickly and picks up the ball and runs with it immediately. All her deliverables are of a very high standard.

Pierre, Head of Strategy

Penny motivates, challenges and recognizes people - on their own and in teams. She proactively engages with clients, places the client first and will go to great lengths to exceed the client's expectations. She does not shy away from responsibility and will lead the way when required. I have always found her work output to be of a very high quality. Penny's integrity is without question. Evidence of this is the fact that she is always open and honest with clients.

David. Industrial engineer

I attended a 2 day course presented and developed by Penny. This was the most useful and practical course that I have ever attended at this organization. The content was to the point, applicable and presented in a professional manner. There was follow-up material as was promised by Penny. The quality of the course attended was superb and the delivery of the highest quality.

Andrew. Programme Manager

Penny designs and delivers workshop material in a manner where it is fun, interesting and informative.

Carol. Project Manager

Penny strives to make everyone she works with feel valued and she will exceed your expectations.

Wendy. Head of Contact Centre, Financial Services

Hi Penny, just to say a great BIG thank you to you for the wonderful presentation you delivered to our future leadership. A huge amount of effort and preparation went into your presentation and the content was very relevant for our audience. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again.

Mpho, Director

I would like to thank Penny for her professionalism and continuous encouragement. Coaching has helped me understand my personality as well as identify a suitable career path. At the beginning of the coaching, I felt hopeless and confused. Today I am clear on what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it. I would definitely encourage my friends to work with Penny in identifying their future goals. I will definitely work with Penny again.

Mercia, IT Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance. Since the first time I entered your place, I have felt welcomed and at peace to be myself. From our first encounter till to date the journey was worth travelling. I am wise today and I have found the lost me (I was hidden in the pile of taking in people's opinions and views, and implementing them in my life) and in so doing I have learned to love, accept, trust, respect and believe in myself again. I cherish this soul and I know I have a lot to offer.

Thank you so much because it wouldn't have been possible without your time, effort and guidance.

Thuli, IT specialist

This email serves to say Thank You, Thank you for helping me to believe in myself, restore my confidence and self esteem so that I can progress successfully in life and my career.
I have now managed to secure a Managerial position I have been looking for, Thank you, Thank You and Thank You.

I will be starting the new role in November, I am currently serving notice. I will still keep in touch for any other courses you may have that will benefit me in this new chapter of my life.

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